Topic: Bug: Oddity with settings window.

I'm not sure what's happening, but for some reason one of users of my ice crystal screensaver found a bug. Basically, guy could drag all of my settings bar off window. You can just barely see first bar. User couldn't drag it back.

It puzzled me because it doesn't happen to me, and apparently majority of people.

Read this for details from the user.
Link to my screensaver comments


Re: Bug: Oddity with settings window.

This bug is pretty weird, we'll have to do something about that in the new release.
Anyway, here's how to restore the settings to default, consider it a temporary solution:
1) Make sure that hidden and system files are visible on your computer.
2) Go to Documents and Settings > (user name) > Application Data > Macromedia > Flash Player > #SharedObjects > (random string) > localhost
3) Delete the IceCrystalScreenSaver.sol file and that's it

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Re: Bug: Oddity with settings window.


I'm not too surpised someone found a bug. It was downloaded about 8000 times now.

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